At Play and Learn PreK

  • children are encouraged to think creatively, to explore and investigate, to use their imagination, and to solve problems
  • concepts of sustainability, recycling, reusing, reducing, and conservation are integrated in the daily program and routine

Early Explorers

Especially designed for our younger children, from 3 to 12 months. We work on establishing nurturing and caring emotional connections to build trust and security. Our younger children are offered opportunities to engage and discover through play, interactive activities, and high-qualilty relationships to develop skills and practice in the areas of self awareness and self regulation (identifying feelings, expressing needs and preferences and awareness of self) , attention, fine and gross motor, and communication .

Toddlers and Preschoolers

Our whole child approach enables children to learn primarily through play and exploration, social interactions, and guided instruction.  Children learn by doing, they need many opportunities to explore and investigate.  These experiences allow children to build on their existing knowledge, create and clarify their own new understandings, and experience a variety of approaches to a problem or question.  Learning should be a joyful, natural experience.


We believe children of all ability levels are entitled to the same opportunities for participation, acceptance and belonging in an educational setting.

Our supportive inclusive group includes typical children and children with sensory processing and/or language delays. We provide an environment that nurtures and helps to support social-emotional development, imaginative and cooperative play (i.e. turn-taking and sharing) and communication. An initial comprehensive evaluation is used to develop an individualized plan of care for therapy and educational development, and as baseline information.

Speech and Language Therapy

We offer on site Individual and/or group Speech and Language Therapy services. We work with families to plan and implement appropriate intervention strategies in order to maximize independent functioning.

After School Homework Assistance and Tutoring

One on one and small group tutoring services and homework assistance from Pre-Kindergarten to third grade. Personalized attention can make all the difference in mastering reading and math skills. Our tutors combine personal instruction with independent learning to increase understanding and application of skills learned.

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