J. V. Miami, FL

My daughter started at play and learn nov 2012 and she could not be happier, after trying 3 others places we were lucky to find this wonderful place, the teachers are great they all speak English, since my husband does not speak Spanish it is great that he can communicate with the teachers, also they send a daily report about activities and how she did in school that day I really like that they follow a daily curriculum, this is not your average daycare it is a learning center with lots of activities, our daughter M. has learn so much here when she started at age 2 she only said 5 words after a month her vocabulary increase so much and her attitude about learning too. Now my other daughter S. just started and she is very happy too, it makes me happy to see all of the pictures they take and send it to us, and all of the art that they make daily. I would recommend this place 100%.

J & S

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