welcome ƒairies & princesses!


…They see your child as an individual and will work on his specific goals, while preparing them for their academic future. I feel blessed that I found this very special place…

ƒairies & princesses!

after trying 3 others places we were lucky to find this wonderful place, the teachers are great

Our preschool strives to provide our children with an appropriate setting and stimulation tailored to their needs.  We offer a child-centered external link, developmentally appropriate, integrated bilingual program for 18m to 5 year-old children.

Our Principles

  • Early child development sets the foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Family involvement in the children's development strengthens the ability to meet the needs of young children.
  • Respect for diversity and inclusion are prerequisites for the children's optimal development and learning.
  • A planned curriculum supports early learning.
  • Play is essential to facilitate language, cognitive, and social development.
  • Knowledgeable, responsive educators are essential for the children's education.

Our Goals

  • Establish a strong foundation for the early years by providing young children with an integrated curriculum .
  • Provide a play-based learning  environment.
  • Foster bilingualism, biliteracy, and enhanced awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity.